My Family Lines

All my lines were already situated in the area southeast of Charlotte, NC, (Mecklenburg Co, Union Co. in NC, and Chesterfield Co. in SC) by the time of the Revolutionary War, 1776, except for the HAYWOOD line, my father's line, which begins in Lincoln Co, NC, in 1830.  All the other lines are pretty well filled out back into the 1600s and 1700s.    I am devoting most of my time investigating the HAYWOOD line, and this is where my "brick walls" are.   My direct lines did not pick up and go to Tenn., Indiana, Georgia, or "out west" like so many did. They more or less stayed put once they got into this area.   Some  of the PARKERs did go to Georgia in the early 1890s, but that's a story for another time.  I would appreciate any information, hints, FACTs!!, about any of these lines within this area.  I would love to collaborate.

You can visit my complete public tree at - Haywood, House, Yandle, Wentz / Parker, Arant, Nelson, Mc Cain

All counties will be in North Carolina unless otherwise noted.

HAYWOOD:  BENTON HAYWOOD arrives in the 1830 census of Lincoln Co, NC.  He was born 1790 – 1800.  He married CATHERINE WENTZ abt. 1825.  He disappears from the record in Union Co. abt. 1838.  Son, JOSIAH HAYWOOD, b. abt 1825 in Lincoln Co.  He married MARGARET ALEXANDER  8 JAN 1850.  He supposedly died at the Battle of Bentonville, 19 MAR 1865.  Son, THOMAS MELTON, HAYWOOD b. 18 OCT 1860, in Union Co.  He married LUCINDA EMELINE HOUSE 12 MAR 1884.  Died 11 JUN 1934.  Son, LAWRENCE GRADY “BILL” HAYWOOD, b. 3 JUN 1893.  Married RUTH PARKER 6 OCT 1924.  Died 23 DEC 1971.  Daughter SHIRLEY RUTH HAYWOOD TAYLOR, living.

WENTZ:  IAM WENTZ, b.  c1700  in Basel, Switzerland, The Immigrant JOHANN ANDREAS WENTZ, born c. 1725 in Germany, married CATHERINE CHURTZ abt 1751 in Germany, died 1827 in Mecklenburg Co, NC.  Son JOHN WENTZ, born c1751  in Meck Co, NC, married CATHERINE STARNS 14 JUL 1791.  Died 3 AUG 1827.  Daughter CATHERINE WENTZ.  Born c.1805 in Mecklenburg Co.  Married BENTON HAYWOOD abt. 1825.

ABERNATHY:  MARGARET, b. abt. 1830 in NC.  Married JOSIAH HAYWOOD 8 Jan 1850. Died bef.12 MAR 1884 in Union Co.         No other information is available for Margaret

HOUSE:  WILLIAM C. HOUSE, born abt. 1789,  Married ELIZABETH (BETSEY) abt. 1813 in Union Co.  Died 1829 in Union Co.  Son JOHN JACKSON HOUSE, born 1816  in Union Co.  Married ELMIRA BAKER abt. 1840 in Union Co.  Died in 1875 in Union Co.  Son  AMBROISE PINKNEY HOUSE, born 18 JUL 1840 in  Union Co.  Married MARY MARGARET YANDLE 30 NOV 1858 in Union Co.  Died 27 DEC 1918 in Union Co.  Daughter LUCINDA EMELINE HOUSE married THOMAS MELTON HAYWOOD 12 MAR 1884.
Died 1 NOV 1930 in Union Co.

YANDLE HENRY YANDLE, Born abt 1722 in  Philadelphia, Penn.  Married AGNES MEARS  abt. 1755.  Died abt. 1755 in Philadelphia.  Son  SAMUEL YANDLE,  born abt. 1755 in Philadelphia, Penn.  Married  ELIZABETH BARRETT abt.1782.   Died abt 1799 in Mecklenburg Co.  Son WILLIAM YANDLE.  Born 25 OCT 1782 in Mecklenburg Co.  Married ELIZABETH HARKEY abt 1807 in Mecklenburg Co.  Died 10 APR 1870 in Indian Trail, Mecklenburg Co.  Son JOHN YANDLE.  Born 16 May 1807  in Mecklenburg Co.  Married AMY EVE FISHER ROBINSON  abt 1820.  Died 9 SEP 1884 in Sandy Ridge, Union Co.  Daughter MARY MARGARET YANDLE, born 20 NOV 1842  in Union Co.  Married AMBROISE PINKNEY HOUSE  30 NOV 1858 in Union Co.  Died 19 SEP 1913 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

 PARKER:  THOMAS PARKER.  B. abt 1713 in Northampton Co.  Married  Mary Welch (?)  abt 1738.  Died OCT 1773 in Hertford Co.  Son PETER PARKER, b. 1744 in Hertford Co.  Married  JOANNA (IVARENE) abt. 1757.  Died abt. 1800 in Hertford Co.  Son  ELIJAH PARKER, b. 1782 in Hertford Co.  Married   MARGARET (PEGGY) ANN JENKINS  abt. 1804.  Died 10 APR 1856 in Union Co.  Son ZACHARIAH PARKER, b. abt. 1812 in Hertford Co.  Married MARTHA S. PHILEMON abt  1848.  Died aft 1870 in Union Co.  Son AMOS C. PARKER born 08 JUL 1849 in  Zoar, Union Co.   Married MARGARET SUSANNA NELSON abt 1868 in Union Co.  Died 28 AUG 1925 in Claxton, Evans Co, GA.  Son HARVEY MADISON PARKER, b. 02 JUN 1871 in Zoar, Union Co.  Married ..BLANCHE ELIZABETH ARANT  16 Apr 1896 in Union Co.  Died 23 APR 1946 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co.  Daughter RUTH PARKER, b. 21 AUG 1898 in Reidsville, Tattanall Co., GA.  Married LAWRENCE GRADY "Bill"  HAYWOOD 6 OCT 1924 in Charlotte, NC.  Died 30 DEC 1980 in Wilmington, New Hanover Co.  Daughter SHIRLEY RUTH HAYWOOD TAYLOR, living.

ARANT, ARNDT: JOHANN HERMAN ARNDT, The Immigrant  b. abt. 1683 in Nordhausen, Thuringen, Germany.  Married  ANNE MARGARETHA SALBACH 12 JUL 1703.  Died bef. 1750 in Faulkner Swamp, Montgomery Co, Penn.  Son JOHANN PETER ARNDT b. abt. 1712 in Ronneberg,  Germany.  Married  ANNE MARIA KATERINE KREUTER  26 FEB 1733.   Died abt. 1780 in Camden, Craven Co, SC.  Son PETER (ARRANT) ARANT Sr.  b. 30 NOV 1749 in Rowan Co.  Married  Permilla Milly Reddick    abt. 1784.  Died 1843 in Clarke Co., Mississippi.  Son PETER ARRANT, Jr.,  b. abt. 1799 in Chesterfield Co, SC .  Married  Nancy Ann Pierce  28 JAN 1810.  Died 29 MAY 1876 in Clarke Co, Mississippi.  Son  WILLIAM H. ARANT, b. abt. 1824 in Chesterfield Co, SC.  Married  ELIZABETH BETH FUNDERBURK abt. 1848.  Died bef 1857 in Chesterfield Co, SC.  Son RANSOM R. ARANT,  b. MAY 1848 in Chesterfield Co, SC.  Married LEVICEY EMILINE WALTERS 23 DEC 1869.  Died 2 OCT 1933 in Mint Hill, Mecklenburg Co.  Daughter BLANCHE ELIZABETH ARANT, b. 18 APR 1873 in Zoar, Union Co.  Married HARVEY MADISON PARKER  16 APR 1896.  Died 26 NOV 1966 in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co.

WALTERS:   WILLIAM WALTERS The Immigrant b. 1680 IN Carmarthenshire, Wales.  Married ANNE ?  abt 1715.  Died ?  in SouthCarolina.  Son WILLIAM WALTERS b 1715 in South Carolina.  Married MARY CATTELL 2  SEP 1740 in SC.  Died 16 AUG 1766 in South Carolina.  Son WILLIAM WALTERS b. 04 SEP 1741 in SC.  Married RACHEL ?  abt 1760.  Died 1776 in SC.  Son ELIJAH ELY (ELI) WALTERS  b. 28 JAN 1774 in Darlington, SC.  Married ESTHER HOLLIMAN abt 1799.  Died 10 JAN 1849 in Union Co, NC.  Son DANIEL WALTERS  b. 18 FEB 1812 in Darlington, SC.  Married ELIZABETH JANE THREAT 27 DEC 1835inUnion Co.  Died 24 MAY 1903 at Buford, Union Co.  Daughter LEVICEY EMILINE WALTERS  b. 22 JUN 1849 at Zoar, Union Co.  Married RANSOM  R. ARANT 23 DEC 1869 at Clear Creek, Mecklenburg Co.  Died 8 JAN 1921 at Mint Hill, Mecklenburg Co. NC.

 NELSON:  THOMAS NILSON The Immigrant b. 1646 in England.  Married JANE WILLAN 13 DEC 1662.  Died ? in Sommerset Co, MD.  Son WILLIAM NILSON  b. c1682 in Sommerset, MD.  Married ELIZABETH LINSEY Abt 1720.   Died after 1729 in Sommerset, MD.   Son ROBERT NILSON b abt 1720 in Sommerset, MD.  Married MARY ELIZABETH  MILBOURNE 29 DEC 1746.  Died 1770 at Lancaster, Lancaster Co, SC.  Son DANIEL NELSON b.09 JUN  1756 in Worcester Co, MD.  Married MARGARET HOOD abt 1780.  Died 3 MAY 1806 in Lancaster Co, SC.  Son JAMES NELSON b. 5 AUG 1784 in Lancaster Co. SC.  Married PHOEBA COUSAR 1 JAN 1807.  Died 10 JAN 1870 in Union Co.  Son JAMES MADISON NELSON.  b 8 DEC 1818 in Lancaster Co., SC.  Married PRUDENCE McCAIN 30 MAY 1844.  Died 1865 in the Civil War.  Daughter MARGARET SUSANNA NELSON b. 17 APR 1850 in Zoar, Union Co.  Married AMOS C. PARKER 10 SEP 1868.. Died 12 AUG 1930 at Claxton, Evans Co., GA.

Mc CAIN:   ALEXANDER McCAIN b. 1680 in Londonderry, Londonderry, Ireland  Married ?? ADAMS abt 1700.  Died 1726 in Londonderry, Ireland.  Son WILLIAM ALEXANDER McCAIN  The Immigrant b. 1707 in Antrim, Northern Ireland.  Married SARAH HAMILTON 21 JUN 1758.  Died 18 NOV 1769 in York, York Co, Penn.  Son HUGH McCAIN Sr  b. abt 1729 in York, York Co, PA.  Married MARY ELEANOR NUTT abt 1749.  Died  26 AUG  1821 in Waxhaw, Mecklenburg Co.  Son HUGH McCAIN Jr. b 17 NOV 1761 at Waxhaw Mecklenburg Co..  Married ISABELLA BASKIN 28 JAN 1787.  Died 6 MAR 1832  in Waxhaw, Mecklenburg Co.  Son JOSEPH BASKIN McCAIN  b. 26 DEC 1798 at Waxhaw, Mecklenburg Co.  Married MARGARET (PEGGY) HARKEY 20 DEC 1820.  Died 21 SEP 1844 at Waxhaw. Union Co.  Daughter PRUDENCE DAVIS McCAIN  b.03 NOV 1825 at Waxhaw, Mecklenburg Co.  Married JAMES MADISON NELSON 30 MAY 1844.  Died 22 OCT 1862 at Union Co.

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